December 08, 2008

Some of the wall channels placed on the floor marks for the future walls.

Carmen is drilling holes in angle iron while a new worker, Shannon, is doing some work on the steel.

Ray is fitting a piece of floor channel against the dome wall. The porch wall will fit into it.

This is one of the corners of the back porch.

Fastening the floor channel to the dome wall.

Working on the kitchen/porch wall.

Carmen is drilling holes in the angle iron.

Kitchen/porch wall with window opening.

This is the wall on the living room side of the porch.

Ray is using a level to make sure the studs are standing up straight.

Looking at the inset porch wall from the back yard.

Looking at the inset porch wall from inside the house.

Liquid Nails adhesive holds the floor channel before the channel is nailed in place with a nail gun.

Using a drill as a power screwdriver to fasten the uprights to the channels.

Adding a stud by twisting it into place.

Adding the top channel to the wall.

Splicing 2 top channels together.

One wall of the laundry room is done.

The bathroom wall is thicker because of the plumbing that will be running through it.

The wider area is the doorway that leads to the bedrooms.

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