December 12, 2008

My brand new stairs leading to nowhere!

The view from the top step. These are the joists over the first floor common area looking toward the living room end. On the second floor, it's looking toward David's closet and the master bath.

The view from the top of the stairs. Hopefully the view will be more spectacular when we can stand closer to the balcony.

A view of my closet.

Looking down over the downstairs bathrooms and the front entrance. The table saw is in the office/ master suite.

This is where Ray cut the sides for the stairs. The stack on the floor by the opening is for the basement stairs and rest of the stairs going to the upper floor.

Looking across both bathrooms. The second floor master bath will be straight ahead.

Now I'm downstairs looking up at the living room 'ceiling'.

Those long pieces under the joists will be coming out. They are for stabilization purposes while Shannon fastens the joists to the wall.

On the left you'll see an opening lined with wood. That is a narrow door I had Ray put in so that we could not get trapped anywhere. You can walk completely around the house. Got the idea from an HGTV show. Ray told me to stop watching HGTV!

The boards have been taken off the basement opening. Ray will try to get those stairs started tomorrow.

Another view looking down into the basement.

Another view of the living room 'ceiling'.

Standing on the porch looking through the window into the breakfast nook and living room areas.

Standing at the front door (which is off to the side a bit) looking through what will be an arch into the living room.

Looking through the bathrooms to the stairs.

That's the laundry room next to the stairs. The bracing pieces will be coming off.

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