December 18, 2008

Some of the flooring.

Standing in the laundry room looking up at the top steps to the second floor.

More flooring.

The joists over the guest room.

There is still some snow on the top of the dome.

Fitting the curved flooring against the dome.

Fitting the flooring tightly requires a good eye and a strong arm.

The Sheep Range to our north as seen from the second floor. This is where the northwest pair of windows will be. Area 51 is just beyond the mountains. It is very rare to see these mountains snow capped.

More of the Sheep Range as seen from the second floor. The mountains to the right are hidden in clouds.

Some of the Mt. Charleston Range to our west as seen from our back yard..

More of the Mt. Charleston Range as seen from the sidewalk in front of our house. Most of the "snow" is actually white clouds with the mountain peaks sticking up through them..

The right mountain is Frenchman and the left is Sunrise. This is our view to the east from the balcony. The notch between them is where Lake Mead Blvd. crosses to Lake Mead and Boulder Dam. These are the lowest mountains around the valley and the last to get snow.

Our balcony view to the southwest. Beyond the Downtown casinos is the Red Rock area at the southern end of the Mount Charleston Range.

The east end of the Sheep Range. Having a second story sure gives us a view over the single story houses. A new warehouse is being built beyond the houses. Having the areas north of us mostly zoned commercial and warehouse actually cuts down on traffic compared to that found in predominately residential areas. Most of the areas seen beyond the built up area are open desert belonging to the B.L.M. and military. That means no further expansion of the city. We can be out of the city with a few minutes driving.

Finishing some edges.

More flooring. It's going very quickly now.

Close up of the uprights for the front inset walls.

Overview of some inset wall uprights.

Flooring done to the balcony as seen from the stairs.

And towards the "front" of the house.

Looking towards the stairs from where a closet will be.

Just a little more to go.

The flooring is almost done.

The flooring is finished here.

The center front inset wall with its two windows in the first floor suite.

Where the suite inset wall meets the guest room inset wall.

The stairs start to the right, drop to the landing and continue to the first floor on the left.

Looking through the window in the guest room cutout. It's getting hard to walk through the house in a straight line with the rooms framed.

Another look from the first floor suite. I-15 to Utah is somewhere under those heavy clouds.

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