December 19, 2008

Front door setback wall is partially framed.

The guest room setback wall was framed in today.

The center opening has the setback wall for the downstairs master suite/home office with its 2 windows.

The back porch inset walls with its windows and double door framing has been in for awhile.

The upstairs floor as seen from the first floor.

A shot from the inside of the front door framing.

An inside shot of the guest room inset wall.

2 days after the snowstorm and there is still snow on Sunrise & Frenchman Mountains. This was taken from the upper east opening. The one above the guest room.

This shows where electrical will be coming into the house.

Where 2 of the inset walls come together at the column.

The west end of the middle opening as the sun plays over the wall and studs.

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